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Our Lady of Guadalupe Medal

Our Lady of Guadalupe


Our Lady of Guadalupe Necklace

Our Lady has appeared to many faithful in a variety of apparitions, but one which has truly given the faithful a glimpse into the brilliance of our Creator is that of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

A Mexican convert to the faith, Juan Diego, a poor farmer, walked to Mass every morning. This morning in 1531 was no different, except that a dazzling figure appearing to be the Blessed Mother in native clothing appeared to him while he trekked the long way to Mass. Our Lady asked Juan Diego to tell the Bishop to build a chapel in her honor on that very spot. The highly skeptical Bishop demanded a sign. In this cold wintry weather, Juan Diego found roses blooming and brought them back to the Bishop as a sign from the Blessed Mother. When he turned the roses out of his tilma onto the floor, both men were astonished at the appearance of Our Lady's image painted exquisitely on his cloak. The iconic image is of the Immaculate Conception dressed in traditional Mexican clothing, standing on the Aztec moon, with 12 stars around her head, and the stars on her gown in the position which exactly matches the sky's constellations from that date.

The astounding details which Our Lord included in His painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe were not lost on the 8 million Aztec converts who came to the Faith from this miraculous apparition. The tilma itself, of inexpensive canvas material, remains in excellent condition to this day. Our Lady's eyes in the apparition hold Divine mystery as well: 13 people appear painted in her iris, including the reflection of Juan Diego himself, and are visible only with extremely high magnification. The engineer who has studied the image for decades summarizes: "[the image] has not been painted by human hand."

Share this remarkable appearance of Our Lady in the form of a medal; converts, those of Mexican heritage, and many others especially revere this appearance of the Blessed Mother.

The feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe is December 12.

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