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Saint Angela Merici Necklace

Saint Angela Merici


Saint Angela Merici Medals

Who is St. Angela Merici and why wear her pendant? This holy saint lived her life in the service of others.

She founded the Ursuline order of nuns that operates around the world today. She did not have an easy life, far from it. At age fifteen she was orphaned and soon after mourned the death of her only sister. Angela prayed to God for comfort and joined the order of St. Francis Convent.

She is credited with mystical visions, for being cured of temporary blindness, and for starting schools for girls.

St. Angela is the patron saint of orphans, sickness, and handicapped people. Her feast day is January 27th.

St. Angela Medal [REE0052]
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St. Angela Merici Medal [EN6412]
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