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Saint Gregory Prayer Cards

Saint Gregory the Great's accomplishments are many and his advancement of the Church and the teachings of Christ impressive. Gregory's family heritage included there three saints and his great-grandfather was a Pope. He was very well connected within the church and his studies were conducted by the best teachers of the time. He could have chosen any path in life but instead used his fortune to do God's work. He turned his home into a Benedictine monastery and then went on to build six others throughout Italy. He was compelled to evangelize in England after witnessing English children being sold as slaves. This touched his heart and when he was unanimously confirmed as Pope, he ordered Saint Augustine and several other monks to convert as many people in England to Christianity as possible. His missionary efforts include France, Spain, and Africa.

Pope Saint Gregory I is one of the Four Latin Doctors of the Church. We ask for his intercession with these prayer cards.

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