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Saint Hannibal Bracelet

Saint Hannibal Bracelet

From a young age, Saint Hannibal was called to religious life. His intense devotion to the Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Mother, he was given permission to receive communion each day.

Having lost his father just after his first birthday, Hannibal grew up with the void of losing a parent and as he grew so did his empathy for orphans.

At age 17, while praying to the Virgin Mary, he received a message from the Blessed Mother that he should become a priest. And so his religious life began. He moved to the poorest neighborhood he could find and started to evangelize and to build schools and orphanages. He expanded this work to reach well beyond the poor slum he first chose to live in and his seminaries, religious orders, and orphanages are still in operation today.

He was considered a saint during his lifetime but was only formally canonized in May 2004. His feast day is June 1st. He is the patron saint of orphans, the poor, and prayer for Vocations.

Also known as Annibale Maria di Francia.


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