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Saint Luigi Bracelet

Saint Luigi Orione Bracelet

Luigi Scrosoppi (1804 – 1884) was an Italian priest. With his older brother Carlo, who was also a priest, he worked with poor girls. He built an orphanage called the House of the Destitute and founded the Sisters of Providence of Saint Cajetan of Thiene to assist him in the care of the poor and suffering. Saint Luigi encouraged the sisters to minister to the girls with affection, zeal, and humility. For himself, he was attracted to embrace a life of complete poverty after the example of Saint Francis of Assisi, but in the end, he joined the Oratorians, a congregation founded by St Philip Neri, dedicated to prayer and pastoral ministry.

In later life, he went through many trials, including the dissolution of the Oratorians by anticlerical forces and the attempt suppression of the Sisters of Providence. He managed to save the Sisters, but unfortunately not the Oratorians.

In 1884 he began to sicken. Writing to his beloved Sisters he told them ‘Charity! Charity! This is the spirit of your religious family.’ He died on April 3. He was made a saint by Saint John Paul II in 2001. His feast is on April 3.


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