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Saint Margaret Rosaries

Saint Margaret of Scotland

Are you looking for a quality Saint Margaret rosary? If so, take a look at the beautiful rosaries to pray for her intercession. Known as the Pearl of Scotland, Saint Margaret of Antioch was born in Antioch in Syria in the 4th century. According to her legend, her father was a pagan priest named Aedesius. He disowned Margaret after she consecrated her virginity to Jesus Christ. She left Antioch to live with the Christian nurse who had brought her up. She came to the attention of the Governor Olybrius, who wanted to marry her, insisting however that she renounce the faith. She refused, was arrested, tortured and executed. She bore her trial with patience and serenity. Saint Margaret was very popular in the middle ages, and a number of fantastic miracles were associated with her. One of them concerns the devil appearing as a dragon to devour her. Margaret was supposed to have miraculously burst from the dragon’s body. For this reason, she is considered a patron saint of childbirth. She is one of a group of patron saints called the Fourteen Holy Helpers. She is one of the saints who spoke to Saint Joan of Arc. She is commemorated on July 20.

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