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Saint Ursula Bracelet

Saint Ursula Bracelet

If you would like to encourage any young ladies you know to be strong and resolute in their Faith and purity as well as hardworking students, a Saint Ursula bracelet would be a worthwhile gift. Her story inspires us to live so that we may attain a holy death.

Ursula was the daughter of a Christian king in fourth century Britain. Legend holds that she convinced her father to allow her to take her 10 handmaids with her on a voyage through Europe (some claim that each woman took 1000 assistants along, bringing the number of travelers up to 11,000). While traveling, her group was attacked by the savage Huns who were invading Europe and raping and pillaging along the way. Refusing to be defiled, St. Ursula and her handmaids became martyrs. St. Angela Merici founded an order of nuns in the 15th century tasked with educating girls and caring for the poor, with St. Ursula as the namesake (The Urselines).

St. Ursula's feast day is October 21, and she is the patroness of schoolgirls; holy death; teachers; Cologne, Germany; and archery.


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