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Saint Victoria Necklace

Saint Victoria


Saint Victoria

Many female saints intercede for women in unhealthy marriages. If you have a friend or sister suffering in an unstable marriage, gift her with a Saint Victoria medal necklace, ask a priest to bless it, and pray fervently for her, her husband, and their marriage.

The rule of the Roman emperors produced many saints for Christ. One such saint was St. Victoria, whose father promised her in marriage to a pagan nobleman, much to the Victoria's disappointment. Her suitor, infuriated that Victoria had dedicated herself to God, imprisoned her in her home until she would agree to marry. Victoria, in an effort to derail the engagement, sold all of her goods, donated the proceeds to the poor, and converted every guard keeping her under lock and key. After years of abusive treatment, the suitor exploded in a rage and stabbed Victoria to death. At the moment of the crime, her killer instantly contracted leprosy and died a few days later, eaten by worms.

St. Victoria's feast day is December 23, and she is the patroness of Anticoli Corrado, Italy.

St. Victoria Medal [EN6382]
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