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St. Cecilia Statue 3.5"

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About this St. Cecilia Statue 3.5"

We love this petite statue of St. Cecilia as she is uniquely portrayed playing a piano.   It makes for a wonderful confirmation gift or personal devotional.  Remember that to sing is to double our pray!

  • St. Cecilia is the patroness of Music.
  • This statue is sold along with a St. Cecilia prayer card.
  • The gift box contains a prayer to St. Cecilia on the front and the story of St. Cecilia on the back.

St. Cecilia Prayer

St. Cecilia
Patron Saint of Music

Prayer to St. Cecilia
O glorious saint, who chose
to die instead of denying
your King, we pray you
please to help us as His fair
praise we sing!

We life our hearts in joyous
Song to honor Him this
way, and while we sing,
remembering to sing is to
doubly pray.

At once in our hearts and in
our tongues we offer
double prayer
sent heavenward on
winged notes to praise God
dwelling there.

While in our heart and
tongues we try with song
to praise God twice,
we ask dear saint, to help
us be united close to Christ!

Exclusively by Roman.

Story of St. Cecilia

St. Cecilia
Patron Saint of Music
(Third Century)

In Rome, there was a young virgin whose name was Cecilia.  This young woman vowed her virginity to God and asked that angels and saints help to guard her virginity to God and asked that angels and saints help to guard her virginity.  Cecilia's parents gave her away in marriage to a young man named Valerian.  Cecilia told her husband her secret that she was accompanied by an angel that protected her from being touched by anyone.  Valerian asked to see the angel and was told by Cecilia that if he believed in one God, and became baptized, he would be able to see the angel.  Valerian was sent to the Pope and was baptized.  When he returned home, he saw Cecilia praying, and with her an angel with flaming wings who was holding two crowns.  The angel placed the crowns upon the heads of Valerian and Cecilia.  When Valerian's brother, Tibertius, learned of the baptism and crowning of his brother and Cecilia he too, was baptized.  The two brothers then devoted themselves to burying slain martyrs but were arrested and executed for their acts of faith.

After converting many people to Christianity, Cecilia was then arrested.  She was condemned to be sacrificed by suffocation in the baths of the city.  Cecilia survived the confines of the baths so it was ordered that she be beheaded.  Although Cecilia was struck three times with a sword, she was not beheaded, only wounded.  She lived for three days during which she preached to many.  When she died, she was buried by Pope Urban.

St. Cecilia became the Patroness of music due to the heavenly music that she heard in her heart when she became married.

Feast Day: November 22.

Exclusively by Roman.

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