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St. Anne Statue 3.5"

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About this St. Anne Statue 3.5"

This St. Anne statue reminds us of the precious gift of motherhood. We see St. Anne seated next to Mary on a bench as they review a text. We pray to St. Anne for guidance and protection. She is the patron saint of carpenters, grandparents and homemakers, couples trying to concieve, miners and pregnancy. Her feast day is July 26th.

  • St. Anne is the patron saint of Mothers and Wives.
  • This is statue is sold along with a St. Anne prayer card.
  • The gift box contains a prayer to St. Anne on the front and the story of St. Anne on the back.

Prayer to St. Anne

Prayer to St. Anne

O God, you
bestowed on St.
Anne such
grace that she
was found
worthy to
become the
mother of Mary,
who brought
forth your only
begotten Son.
Grant that we
may be helped
by her

Exclusively by Roman

Story of St. Anne

St. Anne
Patron of Mothers, Wives and Grandmothers.

Anne is known as being a woman of great piety who came to Jerusalem from Galilee with her husband Joachim, both already advanced in years.  According to the second-century gospel of James, they were both descendants of the tribe of Judah and the house of David.

The fact that they had no children after many years of marriage brought great shame to them by their neighbors.  According to the custom of the time, Joachim was not allowed to make sacrifices in the Temple, as it was felt that their childlessness was a sign that they had fallen from favor with God.  In his despair, Joachim set out to pray and fast in the desert for 40 days.  Anne also prayed for an end to her barrenness and a return to favor with God.  While she was praying, an angel appeared to her to announce that she would conceive, and that her child would be blessed by all the world.  Joachim returned from his fasting to announce that he too had been visited by an angel who had given him the same good news.

Anne gave birth to Mary, who was to become the mother of the Messiah.  Because of the extraordinary events which preceded Mary's arrival, her parents decided that this must be a child who would be highly favored by God.  Mary's parents brought her to the Temple as a little girl to be presented and dedicated to God.

Veneration of St. Anne has occurred since the earliest times of the Church.  She is often invoked during pregnancy, and is a special patron of mothers, childless women and widows.

Feast Day: July 26

Exclusively by Roman

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Sent it to my granddaughter, Ann. She loved it.

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