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Saint Benjamin Necklace

Saint Benjamin


Saint Benjamin Medals

Being a faithful Catholic isn't always easy and we are often criticized and mistreated for our beliefs in Christ. Wearing a Saint Benjamin necklace can remind you to not be weakened by others, instead be strengthen by the Saints such as Saint Benjamin. He is a beautiful example of his commitment to Our Lord under very difficult and painful circumstances.

Saint Benjamin was imprisoned by the Persian King for his evangelical preaching of the True Word of the Lord. After a year of imprisonment, Benjamin was released on the condition that he would no longer preach Christian value and convert others to the faith. Benjamin refused to be silenced and was brutally punished by the Persian King who ordered Benjamin to be stabbed with a stake in his fingernails, toes, and bowels. He suffered a horrible death.

He is the patron saint of preachers and his feast day is March 31st.

St. Benjamin Medal [EN6013]
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