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Saint Bruno Medal Necklace

Saint Bruno


Saint Bruno Medals

Saint Bruno led an extraordinary life as a humble servant of the Lord. He founded the Order of Saint Bruno also known as the Carthusians.

He was known for his great spirit of prayer, extreme mortification, and devotion to the Blessed Virgin. The famous saying comes from his order "The Cross is steady while the world is turning."

Born was born into a wealthy family from Cologne, Germany he was well educated and thereafter became a priest. As the head of a prestigious school of Reims, under his leadership, the school retained its fine reputation. The Church appointed him as the chancellor of the Diocese of Reims but later refused an appointment as bishop as his heart was elsewhere. Instead, he founded the Carthusian Order.

His feast day is October 6th. He is the patron saint of Germany, Calabria, Carthusian Order, trademarks, and possessed people.

Order of St. Bruno Cross [HM0848]
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St. Bruno Medal [EN6398]
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