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Saint Thomas More Necklace

Saint St. Thomas More Necklace


Saint Thomas More

In today's world, it takes a strong constitution to stand firmly against societal demands and norms. Governments often pass laws that render immoral acts legal. Which saint can best assist politicians, attorneys, civil workers, and ordinary folks to seek justice and peace? Saint Thomas More, of course!  Either for yourself or if you know someone who would love the gift of a quality Saint Thomas More medal necklace.

Thomas More was a devoted Catholic who vacillated between wanting to join a monastery and wanting to remain in the secular world. He ultimately decided to marry and had four children with his first wife, who left him a widower. He soon remarried and adopted his wife's son. During this time, he was also increasing in ranks in the government, becoming a right-hand man to King Henry VII. Henry was eager to leave his wife, Catherine, in favor of a new wife, Anne Boleyn. When Thomas would not send the request for an annulment to the Pope and instead voluntarily resigned, Henry VIII was incensed. To add fuel to the fire, Thomas refused to either attend the royal wedding or to acknowledge Anne Boleyn as Queen. This, in Henry's book, amounted to treason. He locked his friend Thomas in the Tower of London and arranged a mock trial, which resulted in a death sentence after a mere 15 minutes in court. Thomas, for refusing to grant the King a divorce, bravely put the law of God first and the desires of man second, and paid with martyrdom.

Thomas More's feast day is July 9, and he is the patron saint of adopted children, lawyers, civil servants, politicians, and difficult marriages.


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