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Saint Elmo Bracelet

Saint Elmo Bracelet

Did you know that Saint Elmo was one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers and as such is a powerful saint to ask for help and intercession?

What about the term Saint Elmo's Fire? He too is responsible for that as it is said that even after being struck by lightning, he was unphased and continued to preach. Sailors took this as a sign of his protection against thunder and electrical storms.

Saint Elmo was a bishop during the execution of Christians during the reign of both emperors Diocletian and Maximian. Elmo preached often and converted many pagans to Christianity. This angered the emperors and they tortured and imprisoned him on multiple occasions always unsuccessful in murdering him as the Lord would send his angels to release him from prison and suffer no harm.

It was only until his last capture that he was disemboweled and finally died. His popularity only grew and his intercession is great.

His feast day is June 2nd. He is the patron saint of sailors, intestinal and abdominal diseases, and cramps from labor and the menstrual cycle.


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