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St. Cecilia Statues

Saint Ceciliaa


Best Selling Saint Cecilia Statue

Are you musical, or know someone who is? Consider a gift of a quality Saint Cecilia statue and it will certainly be much appreciated.

At her wedding ceremony Saint Cecilia sang in her heart to the Lord and for this, she is the patron saint of musicians. Cecilia was married against her wishes as she wished to remain devote and pure in honor of her commitment to the Lord.

She begged her husband to leave her virginity intact and claimed that an angel would appear to him and confirm her request. Indeed the angel appeared to her husband and he was then baptized and converted.

Sadly she and her husband were martyred for their Christian beliefs. She was stabbed with a sword in her neck but did not die. She was eventually beheaded with a sword.

She is the patron saint of musicians, church music, poets and France. Her feast day is November 22.


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