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Saint Frances Cabrini Rosaries

Saint Frances Cabrini

Are you of Italian heritage? Then you should know of a great many things that Saint Frances Cabrini did to improve the lives of Italian immigrants in the United States. With Frances as your patron saint pray with a Saint Frances Cabrini rosary for her intercession. Frances knew from an early age that she was meant to serve the Lord and the Church. Born in Italy she became a nun and started the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Her wish was to do missionary work in China, but the Pope instead asked that she work in the US. St. Frances opened up as many as 67 houses throughout the world including the United States, South America, and Europe. She was tireless in her mission to open up orphanages and schools that served the poor. She is most well know for the hospitals she opened to serve all but mainly for those impoverished Italian immigrants who society had neglected. The hospitals merged and grew and came to be known as the Cabrini Medical Center. Her feast day is November 13th. She is the patron saint of immigrants and hospital administrators.

We also carry rosaries for Saint Frances of Rome.


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