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Saint Hildegard Rosaries

Saint Hildegard

Are you looking for a quality Saint Hildegard rosary? If so, take a look at these beautiful rosaries to pray for her intercession. St. Hildegard von Bingen was a woman far ahead of her time. She lived in a world where women rarely achieved scholarly praise or religious recognition, but she did both! She was born to a noble family and was educated but doubts about her talents and intellect plague Hildegard her entire life. She was born with the gift of visions and only in her mid-forties did she finally start writing down the messages the Lord was sending to her. She was a gifted theologian, musician, composer, artist, healer, and natural science medic. So well respected that she was called upon by popes and kings alike for her advice. Her writings and teachings have provided her with the title Doctor of the Church. Her feast day is September 17th.


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