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Saint Jane Rosaries

Saint Jane Francis de Chantal

Do you know someone who feels like they don't fit in? Life can be difficult and painful for those who feel forgotten. A Saint Jane Frances rosary to pray for her intercession may make all the difference in someone's perspective. Take heart in the life and example set by Saint Jane Frances! St. Jane was born into a wealthy family and married well too, but life was far from perfect. Before Jane was 28, two of her four children died. Her mother died when she was 18 months old, her stepmother died and so too did her husband from an accidental shooting. Stricken with grief, Jane could not find it in her heart to forgive the man that killed her husband until she heard a sermon by Saint Francis de Sales. She is immediately taken with St. Francis and he becomes her friend and spiritual guide. Jane was known for her intellect and her charity. She managed her husband's estate and used the proceeds to care for the poor and needy. With St. Francis' assistance she started a new religious order called the Congregation of the Visitation. This order goes out of its way to accept women who were rejected by other orders either because they were too old or too sick. This order becomes very popular and its numbers grew to 87 locations. She is the patron saint of forgotten people, in-law problems, and children who have lost their parents. Her feast day is August 12th.


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