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Saint Kenneth Rosaries

Saint Kenneth

Praying with a quality rosary with a centerpiece of Saint Kenneth will call on his intercession. Saint Kenneth (515-600) was an Irish missionary and abbot. After St Patrick brought the faith to Ireland there were still many people who were yet to hear the saving message of the Gospel. Kenneth traveled across Ireland and also Scotland, preaching the holy Faith. As a youth, Kenneth watched the sheep of his chieftain until he went to Wales to study under St Cadoc. After his studies, he went to Rome to ask the blessing of Pope St Silverius. He then returned to Ireland and finished his studies, this time under the holy St Finnian. St. Kenneth converted many to Jesus and founded several monasteries. He was famous for preaching the gospel with great joy. In his old age, he retreated to an island and wrote a commentary on the gospels. He is one of the patrons of Ireland and Scotland and is the patron of the shipwrecked. His feast day is October 11.


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