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Saint Peregrine Rosaries

Saint Peregrine

Pray with a Saint Peregrine rosary to call on his protection and intercession. We have so many sinner-to-saint stories to inspire us to aim higher in our Catholic faith! In addition to his amazing conversion story, Peregrine's own miraculous healing stories enthuse us to give our health problems to the Lord. A perfect devotional rosary for those suffering from cancer and incurable diseases. St. Peregrine was a rabid anti-papal young man, who spat in the face of a papal representative (St. Philip Benizi), and when St. Philip turned the other cheek, it was a moment of instant conversion to Catholicism. Upon his conversion, the Virgin Mary instructed Peregrine to consecrate his life to God and penance. When he developed cancer, his prayer request to God for a miraculous cure was granted. This renowned story of healing is one that many cancer patients hope for when they ask for his intercession. St. Peregrine's feast day is May 4, and he is the patron saint of cancer and other incurable diseases.


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