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Saint Perpetua Bracelet

Saint Perpetua Bracelet

If you are a mother, of children born or unborn, St Perpetua is one of the bravest women in heaven interceding for your maternal needs. The story of her martyrdom can inspire every Catholic woman.

Perpetua, a young, widowed convert with a little nursling, was thrown into prison with another young pregnant Catholic named Felicity. They endured the inhumane and tortuous Roman prison conditions; all the while Perpetua’s greatest torment was being separated from her child. Her baby was reunited with her in prison, but she knew it would be for a tragically short time, as she and Felicity were slated to be killed on Caesar’s birthday for the crime of their faith. In the Roman gladiator arena, they suffered attacks by rabid cows and gladiators in front of the crowds and finally succumbed to the sword in Carthage, with absolute joy in their coming heavenly reward.

St. Perpetua's feast day is March 7, and she is the patroness of mothers, expectant mothers, ranchers, and butchers.


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