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Saint Placidus Bracelet

Saint Placidus Bracelet

If you are a fan of the Rule of St. Benedict and implementing it in your own state in life, you will appreciate knowing St. Placidus.

St. Placidus's father, a pious nobleman, sent his seven-year-old son to live at the new monastery which Benedict started. Placidus quickly adopted the Benedictine way of life and was an example to others there. At age eight, while he was fetching water from the local lake, Placidus, alone, fell in and was starting to drown. Benedict, in his cell at the monastery, knew what was happening and sent another brother, Maurus, to save him. When Placidus was finally safely on dry land, he revealed that he saw the cloak of Benedict pull him out of the water, not that of Maurus. This miraculous event teaches us that listening closely to the voice of the Lord and obeying that voice allows us to be open to God working through us.

St. Placidus's feast day is October 5, and he is the patron saint of the towns of Messina, Biancavilla, Castel di Lucio, Montecarotto, and Poggio Imperiale.


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