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Saint Raymond Bracelet

Saint Raymond Bracelet

Do you have a special midwife, doula, or obstetrician who has aided you through childbirth? Gifting that birth professional with a St. Raymond bracelet may bring them wisdom and strength through the difficulties of his or her work bringing babies into the world!

St. Raymond's own mother died in childbirth, but Raymond survived through a cesarean delivery. As a young boy, he enjoyed a close relationship with the Blessed Mother and as a young man, followed the call to join the Mercedarian Order in Barcelona. His main mission was to ransom slaves at the risk of his own life, and he not only saved the lives but also the souls of many slaves, as he converted many to Catholicism. His powerful evangelization earned him months of torture, and Peter Nolasco eventually won Raymond's release. Raymond's life of faith even converted the sinful King James of Aragon, who had previously lived a wanton life. Raymond died at the age of 100.

St. Raymond's feast day is August 31. He is the patron saint of childbirth and midwives.


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