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Saint Remigius Bracelet

Saint Remigius Bracelet

St. Remigius is also known as St. Remy or Remi. If you have a love of France, the French language, or have French family background, you will want to get to know the illustrious St. Remi!

Born of a saint (Saint Celine) and sibling of several saints in the fifth century, his nativity was prophesied by a mountain hermit who told his parents that Remigius would save Gaul (France). Indeed, Remi was appointed Archbishop of Rhiems at the tender age of twenty-two and was a tireless and selfless shepherd of his flock. The Archbishop converted the Merovingian king, Clovis, to Christianity, and they worked together to deliver the country from the Arian heresy and from the Roman pagans. Remi tore down idols and built churches throughout the country, converting massive swaths of the country and performing miracles.

St. Remi is the patron saint against epidemics, fever, plague, religious indifference, snakes, throat pain, and is the patron saint of France. His feast day is October 1.


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