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Saint Tarcisius Bracelet

Saint Tarcisius Bracelet

An altar server or First Communicant in your life will be edified by the gift of a Saint Tarcisius bracelet. Why? Well St. Tarcisius is an exemplar of youthful holiness and will inspire that young boy with whom you share this gift to serve the Holy Mass or to receive the Eucharist with great devotion and reverence.

Tarcisius was a special assistant to the local priests and deacons in his local area within the Roman Empire during the reign of Valerian. Christianity was still under persecution, and Catholics met secretly so celebrate Mass. Deacons often visited those jailed for their Christianity, to pray with them and to take them the Eucharist. One day, when no deacon was available, young Tarcisius volunteered for the dangerous task of taking the Eucharist to the prisoners. On his way, with the Body of our Lord carefully wrapped and hidden in his tunic, he was accosted by a gang of pagan boys, who eventually beat him almost to death, as he fought to protect Jesus. Tarcisius and the Eucharist were saved by a Christian passerby who stepped in, but by that time, it was too late, and Tarcisius died in his rescuer's arms, a young martyr for Jesus Christ.

St. Tarcisius is the patron saint of altar servers and first communicants, and his feast day is August 15.


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