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Saint Thomas the Apostle Bracelet

Saint Thomas the Apostle Bracelet

Thomas the Apostle provides another example of how our Lord embraces us despite our weakness and our doubt and strengthens our faith, if we allow Him. Wearing a bracelet of Saint Thomas cues us to say that small but powerful proclamation, "My Lord and My God!"

While we aren't privy to most of the particulars of St. Thomas's life, we certainly remember one documented weakness: his initial disbelief in the Risen Lord. What we often forget is his subsequent certain declaration of confidence in the Divinity of the Resurrected Lord, when he declared, "My Lord and My God!" We, like Thomas, struggle with our human foibles and feebleness, and only the free gift of the Grace of God can transform us to be stronger and more assured in our faith. Thomas indeed grew so strong in his faith that he traveled to present-day India and Iran to preach the Gospel.

St. Thomas the Apostle is the patron saint of architects, Argentina, construction workers, and cooks. His feast day is July 3.


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