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Saint Teresa of Avila Necklace

Saint Teresa of Avila


Saint Teresa of Avila Medals

Holy Mother Church gives us a plethora of unique, strong, humble women as saintly examples. Saint Teresa of Avila was a paradox in many ways and breaks many of the stereotypes some may carry about female saints! Give a strong Catholic woman a quality St Teresa of Avila medal necklace as an inspiration to continue fighting for Jesus in this world.

St. Teresa lived during the Protestant Revolt of the 1500s, and she worked toward reform as well, not only of the Church but of herself. She secretly joined a Carmelite convent when her devout father had other plans to enter her in an Augustinian convent to break her of her worldly teenage ways. An extrovert who enjoyed socializing, she was also a contemplative who thought deeply about the Faith and wrote extensively. She spearheaded changes in many lax convents in Spain and opened several new convents as well. She was a diligent worker with a sharp sense of humor and an even sharper sense of practicality. Her writings reveal that she was given the gift of mystical theology, through which God revealed to her understandings of the Faith few possess. As such, she received the extraordinary title of Doctor of the Church. Her writings and attractive personality make St. Teresa of Avila a much loved and sought-after intercessor and spiritual friend.

St. Teresa of Avila is the patroness of headache sufferers and Spanish Catholic writers, and her feast day is October 15.


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