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Saint Theodora Rosaries

Saint Theodora Guerin

We all know an inspiring woman who perseveres and follows God's will, despite every obstacle and hurdle in the way. Introduce that strong woman to Saint Theodora Guerin by gifting her a rosary of this tenacious saint. Mother Theodora Guerin's life was full of tragedy: she lost her brothers and father at a young age, leaving her alone to care for her mother and sister. She desperately wanted to enter the religious life but patiently deferred her own wishes until the age of 25, when her mother finally granted permission for her to enter the Sisters of Providence. She spent her days ministering to the poor and the ill, although she suffered from poor ill and frailty herself. When the Bishop of Paris asked for nuns to volunteer to go to the New World to start a mission, Theodore did not request to go due to her poor health. Her Mother Superior knew that she was the only woman for the job, however, and sent her to what is now Indiana. In the woods of Indiana, with no resources and only five nuns assisting her, within a year, Mother Theodora started a school for girls. Despite her physical setbacks, lack of financial support from her sponsoring Bishop in France, and constant clashes with the Bishop in Indiana, Mother Guerin proved to be a steadfast missionary, determined to bring Jesus to as many people in the United States as she could. The Lord's grace allowed her to overcome all of her obstacles for the glory of God. Mother Theodora Guerin's feast day is October 3, and she is the patroness of the Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana.


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