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Saint Uriel Rosaries

Saint Uriel

Are you looking for a quality Saint Uriel rosary? If so, take a look at these beautiful rosaries to pray for his intercession. Many Christian denominations and other faiths recognize Uriel as a fourth archangel, an angel whose name means "God is my Light". If you are seeking divine assistance with discernment of an important issue or need the light of God shined in a particular area of your life, consider arming yourself with a Saint Uriel rosary. Uriel's name appears in texts of Judaism as well as apocryphal texts which were removed from the Catholic canon in 745 AD. According to Jewish tradition, Uriel was the angel who checked the doors marked with blood during the plagues in Egypt and was the angel who led Abraham to Canaan. Archangel Uriel is the patron saint of the arts and sciences as well as those preparing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation in the Anglican denomination.


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