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Saint Vitus Bracelet

Saint Vitus Bracelet

If a loved one suffers from epilepsy, knowing that there is a patron saint watching down over him and praying for him may bring peace despite physical affliction. When someone receives quality Saint Vitus bracelet they can be strengthened in the knowledge of his protection and intercession.

Saint Vitus, the son of a pagan Roman senator, converted to Christianity at the age of 12, with his tutor and his nurse. Infuriated, his father threw all three into prison. Angels ministered to them, and the trio escaped eventually to Rome, where Vitus, through the power of God, released Emperor Diocletian's son from a demon. Arrested and tortured once again, Vitus received the death sentence. When several methods of murder were unsuccessful, Vitus died in a cauldron of boiling oil for refusing to submit to idolatry.

An old German tradition of dancing in front of a St. Vitus statue was said to bring good fortune. As a result, St. Vitus is the patron saint of dancers and actors, as well as epileptics, those suffering from a disease called St. Vitus' Dance, and is a protector against storms. His feast day is June 15.


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