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Saint Zoe Rosaries

Saint Zoe

So many of our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ are converts from non-belief or from other faiths. Share a rosary of Saint Zoe with a Catholic convert whose faith and earnest you admire and encourage that person to keep sharing the Faith boldly! Zoe, one of our saints who entered heaven by defying the pagan Roman empire, lived during the third century under Emperor Diocletian. She was married to a nobleman of the Imperial Court. Before her conversion, she had lived as a mute for six years, until St. Sebastian made the Sign of the Cross over her and released her from her affliction. Immediately, she began to praise the Lord, and she and her pagan husband requested the Sacrament of Baptism. Zoe developed a deep devotion to St. Peter. The Romans discovered her praying at the tomb of St. Peter and punished her by tying her to a tree limb by her hair and lighting a fire beneath her. She died a martyr. St. Zoe's feast day is July 5, and she is the patroness of those who are dying.


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