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Saint Joseph of Cupertino Necklace

Saint Joseph of Cupertino Necklace


Saint Joseph of Cupertino Medals

Do you know a pilot? I'm sure he or she would love the protection of a quality Saint Joseph of Cupertino medal necklace as he is the patron saint of pilots and aviation.

Guiseppe (Joseph) Maria Desa was born of poor parents in the Italian town of Cupertino in1603. Joseph found it hard to be accepted by his peers. Schoolmates called him ‘open mouth’ because he would often daydream. People thought he was stupid. When he was older he wanted to join the Franciscans. However, they would not accept him on account of his lack of education and awkwardness. Eventually, he was allowed to work in the stables. He soon showed such promise that not only was he allowed to become a Franciscan but a priest as well.

Joseph’s masses used to take a very long time. Often he would lose himself in contemplation and rise in the air while he was in prayer. These levitations used to happen often. Eventually he was ordered to live alone so that the rest of his brothers were not distracted. This was a great trial to him, but he bore it with patience. At one time the Inquisition thought he might be levitating by sorcery, and so kept him under close observation.

At the end of his life, he was allowed to return to his brothers. He joyfully died in their presence in 1663. His feast day is September 18. He is patron of aviators, the intellectually disabled, and students.


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