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Saint John Bosco Necklace

Saint John Bosco Necklace


Saint John Bosco Medals

Do you or someone you know works with young people? A John Bosco medal can remind them of the importance and sanctity of their work and contribution to society.

Saint John Bosco was born into a poor Italian family of farmers. His father died when he was only two and at the earliest age, John was working to support his mother and siblings. Wanting to become a priest he faced many challenges at home and at large as the clergy typically came from a privileged background.

John did not let his lack of wealth or education stand in his way. He was determined to do good things. He left home and worked any odd job he could find. Eventually, he joined the seminary and became a priest.

As an adult, he spent his life evangelizing and teaching the faith to the poorest of the poor. His main focus was to educate and help poor children, providing them with housing and an education.

He founded Salesians of Don Bosco, Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians and Union of Cooperator Salesians.

His memorial day is on January 31st. He is the patron saint of young people, students, laborers, magicians, boys, and editors.


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