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Saint Joshua


Saint Joshua Medals

Is there a person in your life whose responsibility it is to give messages to others? Or maybe you know someone in the intelligence community? Then their patron saint is Saint Joshua!

Joshua is an important figure in the Old Testament. He given name was Hosea, but Moses changed his name to Joshua, which means ‘Yahweh saves’. He spied out the land of Canaan before the Israelites entered. He led the Israelites into battles against the Canaanites and captured the city of Jericho. At the Battle of Gideon Joshua asked God to stop the sun so he could continue to fight the five Amorite kings in daylight. Later Joshua accompanied Moses to the top of Mount Sinai when Moses spoke with God and received the Ten Commandments.

After Moses died Joshua was appointed the leader of the Israelites by God. He lead the people of Israel into the land God had promised them and divided it amongst the twelve tribes. Afterward, he died. The Book of Joshua tells us he was 110.

The name Jesus is the Greek form of Joshua, and the Old Testament Joshua is often thought of as a type of Jesus. Joshua led God’s people into the earthly rest of Canaan, but Jesus leads His people into eternal rest with God. His feast day is on September 1. He is the patron saint of spies and messengers.

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