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Saint Edmund Rosaries

Saint Edmund

Looking for a quality Saint Edmund rosary? If so, take a look at these beautiful rosaries to call on his intercession. At the place of his martyrdom is built the famous abbey, St. Edmundsbury. This devote Christian was also the King of East Anglia and known as a fair and just ruler. When invaded by the Danes, he refused to accept their terms which were unchristian. When it came time for battle the brave king disbanded his army and instead went alone to face a large number of Danish soldiers. He was captured and tortured. First with a whip which ripped his flesh apart, then his body riddled with arrows. For the final blow, they chose to behead him. His feast day is November 20th. He is the patron saint of kings, pandemics, torture victims, and wolves. He is also the patron saint of the Roman Catholic diocese of East Anglia, the English county of Suffolk, Douai Abbey, and Toulouse.

There are also rosaries for Saint Edmond Campion.


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