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Saint Gerard Bracelet

Saint Gerard Bracelet

We all pray for healthy babies and easy pregnancies. If you know a woman that is pregnant, give her the wonderful devotional bracelet of a Saint Gerard pendant as he is the patron saint of expectant mothers and childbirth.

Born very frail and unhealthy, Gerard was immediately baptized as his parents feared the worst for their newly born child. But from childhood, the Lord granted this boy many favors even if they were followed by many hardships too.

He became a full-time tailor at the age of only twelve as his father passed away and he was responsible for caring for his mother and siblings. Gerard didn't like his job and longed to become a priest. But twice he was denied the religious cloak due to his poor health.

Gerard was such a holy and gentle soul that eventually his perseverance paid off and became a brother monk. He spent his life evangelizing the faith, converting many. He is known for his countless miracles and was called the "Wonder Worker".

Saint Gerard's feast day is October 16th. He is the patron saint of vocations, of pregnant women and sick children as well as of a good confession.


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