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Saint Germaine Bracelet

Saint Germaine Bracelet

Do you know someone that can use a miracle? The intercession of Saint Germaine is widely known for miraculous outcomes. Wearing her pendant and asking for her intercession is a powerful devotional bracelet.

The abuse and neglect suffered by Saint Germaine were severe and cruel. At birth her mother died, she was born with a defective hand and was very sickly. Instead of finding a home with compassion, her step-family abandoned and ostracised her. They fed her scraps, forced her to live in the barn, and beat her often. Not only did the abuse come from home, but the community at large offered no charity and instead ridiculed her for her faith.

Somehow, amid all this horror, this young girl found a passion for Christ and religion. Nothing could keep her from attending mass and she spent her days in prayer. She gave what she had to other poor children and when possible taught them easy to understand catechism.

Her miracles include a bunch of flowers tumbling from her apron when she was accused of hiding stolen bread.  A swollen river preventing her from mass she easily walked over.

After her death, many miracles occurred and her body has remained incorrupt even after being mistreated by vandals.

Her feast day is June 15th. She is the patron saint of abused and abandoned people, against poverty, for disabled people, orphans, and therapists.


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