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Saint Joan of Arc Necklace

Saint Joan of Arc


Saint Joan of Arc Medals

When you wear a St Joan of Arc medal necklace do you know her significance in history? Bravery comes in many forms and Saint Joan of Arc was nothing short of a heroine for the Catholic Faith and for France.

At the age of 13, Joan began receiving visions from the Lord. She kept these visions private for many years but eventually shared her message with Charles VII of France. She implored him to take up arms against the English and return France to French rule.

So certain in her beliefs that she served and led troops into battle. She was seriously wounded but her leadership on the battlefield lead to Charles VII to take the thrown.

Sadly she was captured and sold to the English who tried Joan of Arc and executed her. Twenty-three years after her death she was retired and found innocent of all crimes.

Her memorial day is May 30th. She is the patron saint of soldiers, prisoners, martyrs, people ridiculed for their piety, rape victims, and France.


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