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Saint John Vianney Necklace

Saint John Vianney Necklace


Saint John Vianney Medals

Do you know someone that struggles in school? Let these students know that even the saints weren't perfect students but everyone has their own set of talents. Much like Saint John Vianney.

Saint John Vianney was born into a poor French farm family and his education and learning skills were average at best. He struggled with Latin and only just became a priest due to his learning limitations. But what the Lord didn't give John in educational skills he made up for in other areas.

Saint John was sent to the parish of Ars-sur-Formans where his parishioners were not very interested in Catholicism or spiritual life. Saint John thought that if his parishioners would not come to church then he would go to them. He visited the sick and the poor and eventually his congregation came to love him and they attended to mass too!

The saint was known for his many miracles while he was alive. He had the power of hidden knowledge, prophecy and spiritual guidance.

He served his parish for 40 years and by the time he retired nearly 20,000 pilgrims per year visited Ars-sur-Formans. He is living proof that we are all gifted and can do great things in His name.

His feast day is August 4th. He is the patron saint of all priests.


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