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Saint Julia


Saint Julia Medals

Do you or someone you know suffer from issues with your hands or feet? Pray to Saint Julia for her intercession as she is the patron saint of problems with hands and feet.

Saint Julia of Corsica, also known as Julia of Carthage, was a virgin martyr who was born in Carthage in the 5th century AD. She was of noble birth and was a devout Christian. When the Vandals sacked Carthage in 439 she was enslaved and sold to a Syrian man named Eusebius. According to her story, she worked for her pagan master patiently but refused his attempts to make her give up Christianity.

Eusebius took Julia with him on a journey to France. He met some friends of his at a pagan festival. They drank heavily together. He mentioned how much he admired Julia for her service, but when he told them that she would not worship the gods they were furious. They seized Julia, tortured her and crucified her. She endured her sufferings with serenity, praying to God for her enemies.

Many years later monks from an island near Corsica took her remains. They found her name and story in a note attached to her relics. Her feast day is May 23. She is the patron of Corsica, torture victims and pathologies of the hands and the feet.

St. Julia Medal [REE0101]
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St. Julie Billiart Medal [EN6229]
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