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Saint Justin Bracelet

Saint Justin Bracelet

Justin was born about 120 AD in Palestine. He was an intelligent man in search of the truth. Every philosophy he studied left him unsatisfied until he discovered Christ. He was baptized and traveled through the Roman Empire teaching about God’s love for all humanity. He wrote a defense, or Apology, of Christianity against the accusations of the Emperor and the Roman Senate. In his Apology, Saint Justin writes about the Holy Eucharist and how the Christian people gathered every Sunday to hear the word of God and celebrate the Mass. He speaks of the Mass as an unbloody sacrifice and states that the Eucharist is the true body and blood of Our Lord.

His teaching roused the anger of the Roman government, which demanded that he sacrifice to the pagan gods. His judge said ‘if you do not obey, you will be tortured without mercy.’ Justin refused. ’We are Christians,’ he said ‘and will never sacrifice to idols.’ He was scourged and then beheaded, along with six other Christians.

He is considered one of the early Fathers of the Church. His feast day is June 1. He is the patron saint of philosophers.


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