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Saint Malachy Bracelet

Saint Malachy O'More Bracelet

Saint Malachy or Malachi was a medieval Archbishop of Armagh in Ireland. As pastor of the church of Armagh, he reformed the clergy, the liturgy, and the sacraments. In particular, he introduced the Roman Rite of Mass. He was known for his generosity to the poor and miraculously healed the sick. After years of labor, he resigned the see of Armagh in order to pursue a more contemplative life but the pope had more work for him. Innocent II appointed him his personal representative in Ireland. Worn out by love, he died in the arms of St Bernard of Clairvaux in Rome, on All Souls Day 1148.

St Malachy is supposed to have prophesized every pope until the end of the world. This prophecy contains a verse for each pope. It is probably a forgery, since it only appeared 450 years after Malachy’s death. His feast is celebrated on November 3. He is one of the patrons of Ireland.


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