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Saint Maurus Bracelet

Saint Maurus Bracelet

Saint Maurus is venerated as the first follower of Saint Benedict of Nursia, founder of the Order of Benedictines. He was the son of nobility, born about 510, and was sent to St Benedict’s monastery of Subiaco in Italy to be educated.

He impressed St Benedict so much that he made him his assistant and right-hand man. He was made a deacon. St Benedict sent him to France to establish the order there. He founded Glanfeuil Abbey near Angers.

After serving the community there devotedly for many years he retired to a life of prayer and solitude. According to legend Maurus ran upon the waters of a lake to save a boy from drowning. He attributed this miracle to the prayers of St Benedict.

During the Middle Ages devotion to him grew. He was invoked against illnesses, including epilepsy, rheumatism, and gout. He is also the patron of shoemakers and coppersmiths. He is commemorated by the Church on November 22.


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