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Saint Michael Bracelet

Saint Michael Bracelet

Michael means ‘who is like God?’ He is venerated in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam as one of the higher angels, or archangels, who serves Holy Trinity and His children.

Saint Michael the archangel is mentioned in the Book of Daniel as the protector of Israel, and so Christians honor him as the defender of the new Israel, the Church of Jesus Christ.

In the Book of Revelation, he is described as leading the heavenly host of angels against Satan and the fallen angels and expelling them from heaven. For this reason, Michael is often depicted as a soldier in battle armor trampling Satan in the form of a dragon beneath his feet.

St. Michael is venerated as a patron of soldiers, but in the first centuries of the Church, he was prayed to for healing. He was also considered the protector of dying Christians, protecting their souls from the final temptations of the devil. For many years a special prayer to St Michael was said after every weekday Mass.

Saint Michael’s Day, or Michaelmas, is September 29th. The other two archangels, Gabriel and Raphael, are also honored on that day.


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