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Saint Walburga Bracelet

Saint Walburga Bracelet

If you have Anglo-Saxon ancestry, make St. Walburga a part of your family's devotions. She was born into one of the saintliest families in British history and the Lord has allowed her relics to continue to heal pilgrims to this very day.

Walburga, born into a wealthy Anglo-Saxon family in the 700s, was sent to live in a monastery at a young age, as was common practice at the time, and eventually professed her vows. She was blessed to call St. Richard her father and Sts. Willibald, Winibald, and Boniface brothers, and when Boniface sought more religious Anglo-Saxons to evangelize in what is now Germany, she volunteered as a missionary to that part of Europe with other family members. She was known for her gift of healing and for her humility during her life but was soon forgotten after her death. One hundred years after her death, she appeared in a dream to the German ruler and asked him to move her remains from where they were. People on the path her remains were carried on to their more dignified resting place experienced many miracles. Even today, over 1000 years later, her bones exude a mysterious oil every year, an oil known for its miraculous healing power.

The feast day of St. Walburga is February 25, and she is the patroness of sailors and several German cities as well as against hydrophobia and storms.


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