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Saint Wolfgang Bracelet

Saint Wolfgang Bracelet

So many saints have been zealous reformers, calling the Church to increased holiness.

Wolfgang played that role in the Church in the 900s. If you know of a special lay person or religious person dedicated to purifying the Church, bless him with a Saint Wolfgang bracelet and encourage him to always work for righteousness!

Wolfgang initially was a layman who had a close lifelong friendship with the Archbishop of Trier (Germany). Upon the death of the Archbishop, Wolfgang followed the call he had felt for years to become a monk, entering the Benedictine monastery. The Holy Roman Emperor, Otto II recognized his potential for leadership and raised Wolfgang to the position of Bishop of Regensburg. In his new role, Wolfgang worked tirelessly for a two-fold mission: reforming the clergy and providing for the poor. Instead of episcopal vesture, he continued to wear his monk's habit and lived a simple and humble life. He tried more than once to resign from the Bishop's role, preferring to live as a hermit but was always called back to fulfill the role only he could do. St. Wolfgang accomplished what was asked of him, even when he might have desired a different plan for himself. This is the epitome of humility and obedience.

St. Wolfgang's feast day is October 31, and he is the patron saint of carpenters and wood carvers and against internal bleeding, paralysis, stomach diseases, and strokes.


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