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Saint William Bracelet

Saint William of Rochester Bracelet

Adopted children hold a special place in the hearts of their families. Gift an adopted child in your family with a Saint William bracelet, and have it blessed by a special priest. Teach your children well and give generously of yourself as St. William did.

William, a Scot, was a daily Mass attendee. Some say he was a fisherman, others a baker. Regardless of his career, he was known as generous and virtuous. When leaving Mass one morning, he found an abandoned boy outside the church. Having adopted David and taken him under his wing, he proceeded to teach him not only the Faith but also all knowledge and skills he possessed to help his adopted son to be a successful adult in the future. William took David with him on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, but while on the journey, David deliberately misled his father off the prescribed pilgrimage path and slit his throat, in an attempt to inherit William's wealth.

David disappeared, and a local woman known to be mad, happened upon the corpse. She tended to the body and treated it with reverence, upon which she was miraculously cured of her mental sufferings. William, a martyr for dying while on pilgrimage, was honored as well for the miraculous healing attributed to him.

St. William's feast day is May 23, and he is the patron saint of adopted children.


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