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Saint Catherine of Siena Necklace

Saint Catherine of Siena Necklace


Saint Catherine of Siena Medals

Saint Catherine of Siena joined the Dominican order of nuns at a very early age at the displeasure of her parents. From a very young age, Catherine felt the calling of religious life and a deep connection to Our Lord Jesus.

Among many things she accomplished in her life, Catherine negotiated a peace deal with the Church and Florence and was highly influential with the pope. A rarity for women on her time. 

As a theologian and Philosopher, she wrote the famous works The Dialogue. She is only one of four women Doctors of the Church.

She is believed to have received miraculous visions and felt united in marriage to Jesus, referred to as the "Mystical Marriage". 

She is the patron saint of fire prevention, sexual temptation, the sick, nurses, and the patron saint of Italy. Her feast day is April 29th.


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