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Saint Colette Necklace

Saint Colette


Saint Colette Medals

A Saint Collette pendant for a woman trying to conceive a baby can be a great comfort and hope as she is the patron saint of those seeking to conceive a child, expectant mothers, and sick children. We pray to the saints for their intercession and we ask Saint Colette to Pray for us.

Saint Colette was born in France in the late 1800's to very old parents who did not conceive Colette, their only child, until very late in life (her mother was 60 when Colette was born!).

After her parent's passing, she became a cloistered nun and after several visions was moved to create a new reformed order of Franciscan nuns called the Colettine Poor Clares. Her monasteries spread throughout Europe.

Her feast day is March 6th.

St. Colette Medal [EN6396]
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