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Saint Cornelius Necklace

Saint Cornelius


Saint Cornelius Medals

Want a pendant to celebrate being lovers? If so, then a Saint Cornelius medal makes a great choice.

Saint Cornelius was the Bishop of Rome and then appointed Pope during a time of extreme religious persecution by the Roman authorities.

Much of his papacy was spent in a dispute with another church official, Novatian, over the treatment of Christians who agreed to perform the pagan rituals of sacrifice ordered by the Roman authorities. The choice for many Christians was to perform the sacrifice or be killed.

Saint Cornelius felt that those contrite Christians who had sinned by committing sinful pagan rituals should be forgiven if they confessed. Novatian disagreed, not only to forgive the Christians but to Cornelius' papacy. Thus a long battle within the Church began. Which included the saints' banishment from Rome.

He is the patron saint of lovers after giving a blessing to a couple whose parents opposed their union. His feast day is September 16th.

St. Cornelius Medal [EN6453]
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